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Client Testimonials

My experience with Monkey C Media was excellent. They designed a stunning website for me quickly and efficiently. There was no wasted time or effort. Best of all, it was a pleasure to work with them.

Kurt Kamm, kurtkamm.com

Jeniffer, Chad and the whole Monkey C Media team. I don't have the words to describe my gratitude for all the hard work you have done for me/my book. All of you are amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The book turned out so beautiful and truly captured the essence of Kitchenability, which would not be where it is without you. You are the beauty, love, and creative eye!

Nisa Burns, kitchenability.com

Jeniffer Thompson and her multi-talented team at Monkey C Media created a website that perfectly expresses the feeling we wanted to project! We presented the team with a challenging subject and goals that matched—but they listened and not only met, but surpassed, our objectives! Jeniffer’s marketing genius and her team’s talented design expertise form a winning combination.

Exceptionally qualified and a pleasure to work with—we look forward to working together with Monkey C Media again and again!! What better compliment is there?

Updated 2013: I want you to know how much I trust and value you and all of your team – and I’m honored to be among your clients. Congratulations on the growth of your company, as well as your work which just keeps getting more and more beautiful. I’m sure we’ll hear lots about Monkey C in the future.

Judy Brizendine, Author of STUNNED by Grief, stunnedbygrief.com

We have had a great experience with Jeniffer Thompson and her website design team at MonkeyCMedia. Jeniffer has endless energy, enthusiasm and great insights about her business and has done a fabulous job leading her team to portray the core of my work with beauty and harmony. We had a good phone conversation with her this afternoon and I am now in the phase of posting blogs, which will evolve in the social networking that will bring to my site those who are in search of embracing wholeness and peace.

I definitely recommend Jeniffer’s work if you wish to have a fully active and professional website. We are now talking about the "Search Engine Optimization" and it is fabulous what Jeniffer can do in this regard too.

She empowers people to move into a new level of activity.

Mayte Picco-Kline, wholenessinliving.com

After speaking with Jeniffer Thompson for the first time, I knew I had found the right design team to help me create my brand and develop my new website — I was right on, Monkey C Media gets it. So far, they've hit it right out of the park. They really listen to me and come back each time with creative ideas that wow me and set me apart from the crowd. I expanded our original work to now include banners for social media sites, business cards, post cards, and business posters and pull-up stand. Every project convinces me that my hunt for the right team can be found in one place instead of shopping with many separate vendors.

Linda Crill, LindaCrill.com

I highly recommend Monkey C Media! From the start, Jeniffer Thompson and her staff made me feel as if I were a part of the web site design team instead of a client. In an age where focused communications with clients often seems destined for dinosaur status, my relationship with the design team was amazingly interpersonal. Their questions were purposeful. Their answers, invaluable. Their patience, infinite. In today’s marketplace, you need a web site that looks sleek but not slick, efficient but not cold, and intuitive but not simple-minded. Monkey C Media will deliver that web site.

David Krell, Esq., davidkrell.com

Working with Monkey C Media has been an absolute gift of good fortune in bringing the vision for my novel to life. Everyone from Jeniffer to Julio to Matt and the rest of the team have been not only talented, dedicated, and a joy to work with, but I continue to work with them as my platform in the marketplace continues to grow. I came to MonkeyCMedia with a clear concept and they transformed that into a fantastically engaging book cover jacket, web site, and Facebook Fan Page. Their ability to deliver such great results came when needed most –when a prior attempt at a book cover design had to be halted because the designer (despite very clear talent and ability) and I could not seem to get on the same page (literally). I can’t imagine continuing without MonkeyCMedia right by my side, enabling my content and connection to readers and the marketplace at large to grow right along with me.

Paul H. Magid, paulhmagid.com

Being a self-published author takes on great responsibility. Monkey C Media eases that burden. Jeniffer and her team have a combination of artistic excellence and business acumen rarely found among their peers. I had one teleconference with them and they nailed the concept I desired. Their creative merit, coupled with attention to detail and visionary prowess makes them the “go-to” firm for any author in this highly competitive marketplace. I look forward to a long and rewarding association with this talented group of individuals.

Marc Curtis Little, author of Magnificent Redemption, marclittlewrites.com

It has been my pleasure to work with Jeniffer and her entire team at MCM. From the moment we met to discuss the particulars of my blog, I knew I was in the hands of a professional and compassionate individual who would handle my message with care. Every step of the way carefully planned and communicated to me so there were no surprises. Writing is soul work and knowing that I have a team of people to help me execute all the other details makes the job that much easier. I highly recommend MCM to anyone with a desire to build a solid and unique platform to connect with the world.

Dianna Bonny, LivingOnTheFaultLines.com

"I have had the pleasure of working on two projects with Monkey C Media in the past two years. They were fabulous to work with! I found them to be responsive and respectful. I can’t say enough about their creative talent and artistic expertise. After exhausting conversations and brainstorming many ideas, they nailed it each time. I was both surprised and pleased that what seemed like an exercise in creative sparring actually resulted in a complete understanding of my desires and expectations. I came away very happy with the end results and would highly recommend them. Likewise, the technical team was patient with me and provided all the time I needed to understand the workings of my websites. They made revisions and updates promptly, and offered expert and imaginative advice on the content. It has been a tremendous relief knowing the Monkey C Media team is there to assist in on-going and future endeavors as a reliable and high-quality partner."

K.D. Lamb, Applet Island Publishing

"I was introduced to Monkey C Media from a trusted source.  To be honest, I had such disappointing results from working with a variety of web designers I was more than a little skeptical about working with any web design team at the outset.   "Since then I have become a loyal fan of Monkey C media.  They are smart, honest and they get things done on time for a fair price.   "Even more importantly Jeniffer, Anna and the whole staff really know their stuff.  They are sincerely interested in their clients and really work to strategize and plan for a website that will bring the business success that every hard working business owner strives for.   "I recommend Monkey C Media without reservation." 

David Zahaluk, MD, Founder and President, Ultimate Practice Builder

"Monkey C Media is an absolute delight to work with. And I am so grateful to have been connected with them. They are professional, fun, knowledgeable, creative and an amazing group of people who are dedicated to helping you realize your vision. I hired them to revamp my existing website and they surpassed every goal and exceeded every expectation I had and created a fresh and vibrant site that I am so proud of. They captured the heart and soul of my book and translated my vision into reality."

Dobie Houson, Author of Finding Forever