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Book Covers/Interiors

Crisis of Faith by Eliza Wood - Book Cover imageWe love creating book covers. All right, I admit it—we’re junkies, we love designing. Truly, book covers are very close to my heart. As an author myself, I understand the importance of a strong cover.

I love walking into a book store and picking up a cover at random, something that catches my eye from across the room and draws me to pick it up, turn it over, and flip through it. And, yes, people DO judge a book by its cover.

We work with many self-published authors and so we are in a unique position to help an unknown author get their cover noticed. This is an honor that we take very seriously.

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Website design for Walter Green (ThisIsTheMoment.com)Remember the days when people were impressed if you had a Website? No more. Now, people look at you funny if you don’t have a Website. Sadly, this has resulted in a lot of really bad Websites with no focus—they mostly serve as online brochures instead of the 24/7 sales tools they could be.

Our goal at Monkey C Media is to create something that reflects your brand and draws in your audience. With so much competition out there, your site needs to shine. It needs to be professional and engaging, but we also want you to love your Website. So with each new site we are faced with the lovely challenge of researching your market, discovering who you are, and then creating a powerful Website that meets both needs.

You will see that our sites are not all alike—we do not have a specific style here. Our job is to represent you and we pride ourselves on doing just that!! —Jeniffer

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Branding Development

Logo design for Angela DraperMany people will spend a lot of time and money developing an online presence, forgetting the importance of print collateral.

You know: Business cards, postcards, trade show posters and post-up-stands.

For authors, even something as simple as a bookmark can help you gain exposure. The truth is, engaging postcards and print material will find their way into many hands. You never know who may pick it up and decide to learn more.

Effective print materials should include your brand, your name, your contact info (phone, email and Website address are important). Many times, I’ll pick up a card that is marketing a special event and see that there is no date, or worse – no contact information.

Design with us and we’ll make sure that these crucial elements are not missed. Plus, we offer editing and copy writing as well. Call us anytime to discuss options and strategize a plan that will work for you!

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Headshot by Chad ThompsonOften times your first impression is not in person, but online or in print. This is why you need a professional headshot — one that truly depicts who you are!! Nothing stuffy or awkward will do.

Depending on who your audience is and who you are, you may decide to have your photos taken in studio or outdoors, or maybe you are looking for an action shot (which you may be more comfortable with). This holds true to video as well. It’s all about context and using the proper tool for the job.

No matter the scenario, Chad is ready to capture you at your best. And since we travel so frequently, we may even be planning a trip to your town. Have camera will travel.

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