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20 Sources for Free Images (for authors, bloggers and social butterflies)

Arresting and captivating images paint a picture and draw people into your words. Ah, but finding a good image can be challenging, expensive, and time consuming. Never fear my blogging friends: I’ve catalogued 20 sources for finding free, quality images to help turn your posts into engaging stories that draw in your reader. Remember, even if you get an image from any one of these services, be sure to check …Read More

Top 3 SEO Tips for Author Websites

Are you wondering how to get more traffic to your website and reach more people? These three techniques, that anyone can do, will make a huge impact on your search ranking and get you more visibility. ONE: Optimize Your Images The number one mistake bloggers make is also the easiest to remedy. Do this before you upload an image to the media library of your blog. The size and name …Read More

Stretch Time at Monkey C Media

Recently, while updating the clock on my computer, I set it to tell me the time at the top of every hour. I chose the onboard computer voice of Stanley, who tells me in a kind-of-creepy voice: “It’s ten o’clock,” and so forth. Now, every time Stanley speaks we stand up and stretch! Everyone in the office, regardless of what we are doing is required to standup and stretch.  Stretch …Read More

Monkey C Media Recommends HostGator

When we create a website for a client, determining where the site will be hosted is essential.  We highly recommend HostGator.  HostGator has consistently provided good service, quick loading times, and optimal uptime throughout our years of doing business with them.  While there are many reasons we have chosen HostGator, above all others, the most important reason is that HostGator (unlike other popular hosting providers we won’t name here) hosts …Read More

Book Cover Case Study: Barbara McNally

When we first began working with Barbara McNally, author of her memoir Unbridled, we knew right away that her design did not reflect the brilliance behind her message.  She came to us as a blank slate and asked us, simply, “What can you do for me?”  She did not expect that we were to reinvent her project completely. The phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” is great in …Read More

Thank you to author Barbara Hinske!

The author of the Rosemont Series, Barbara Hinske, has some great things to say about her web and cover designers! Good Morning!  I’m so excited to let you know that my cover definitely sold books for me this weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books (the 4th largest book show in the nation!).  In fact — the person who bought the very first book — while we were setting up …Read More

Happy Birthday Matthew!

We had a great afternoon blowing off work for Matthew’s birthday! We had a lovely team lunch down near the water in our beautiful city.  It’s easy to feel like a tourist in San Diego because every day is like a holiday. Plus, Matthew has been working with Monkey C Media for one year now and we are delighted to have his endless talent, positive attitude, and handsome smile!  We …Read More