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Branding Development

Many people will spend a lot of time and money developing an online presence forgetting the importance of print design and print collateral. You know: Business cards, postcards, trade show posters and post-up-stands.

For authors, even something as simple as a bookmark can help you gain exposure.

The truth is, engaging postcards and print material will find their way into many hands. You never know who may pick it up and decide to learn more. Effective print materials should include your brand, your name, your contact info (phone, email and website address are important).

Many times, I’ll pick up a card that is marketing a special event and see that there is no date, or worse – no contact information.

Design with us and we’ll make sure that these crucial elements are not missed. Plus we offer editing and copy writing as well. Call us anytime to discuss options and strategize a plan that will work for you!

Interested in working with us?

Are you looking for a new website, changes to an existing website, or do you need a cover design, a logo, maybe head shots? We can help.