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Book Covers/Interiors

We love book cover design. All right, I admit it—we’re junkies, we love designing. Truly, book covers are very close to my heart. As an author myself, I understand the importance of a strong cover. I love walking into a book store and picking up a cover at random, something that catches my eye from across the room and draws me to pick it up, turn it over, and flip through it. And, yes, people DO judge a book by its cover. We work with many self-published authors and so we are in a unique position to help an unknown author get their cover noticed. This is an honor that we take very seriously.

Case Study: Kurt Kamm, One Foot In The Black

When Kurt Kamm asked us to redesign his book cover we knew we just needed to tweak his existing design a little. The image was good, the title was good, but something was missing, so we set about making it better, and I think we succeeded.




Here’s what we did:

  1. Cover Image: We chose a similar image, but with a slightly different perspective. In the new cover, the firefighter has more forward motion, which creates a feeling of action and intensity.
  2. Font choice: we chose an updated and bolder font that is easier to read and feels more current.
  3. Sub-Title: We removed the sub-title all together, which made it feel more like a memoir than a fiction novel. Most novels do not have sub-titles.
  4. Author Name: Using the word “by” just screams self-published. Look at any traditionally published book and you’ll never see the word “by” preceding the author’s name. Why else would Kurt’s name appear on the cover? Clearly he is the author.
  5. Endorsement: We added an endorsement not because we had to, but because it gives the reader a little bit more information about the book and is a nice quote.
  6. Colors: We intensified the flames and added a brightness to the firefighter image. Notice how you can almost see the glow in the reflective strip across the back of his yellow jacket.

Check out One Foot In The Black

This is a great book, by the way. Kurt has several firefighter novels that are really fantastic and I highly recommend them. Learn more about Kurt Kamm and his firefighter novels.

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