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Meet The Team

Jeniffer Thompson

Head Monkey

Jeniffer Thompson, founder and President of Monkey C Media, is a speaker and educator who is passionate about helping others understand and leverage the power of the Internet. With more than 20 years experience in publishing and marketing, she brings a unique perspective to her roles as Internet Marketing Strategist, Creative Director and Publishing Consultant for Monkey C Media.

Chad Thompson

Photo and Video Monkey

Chad Thompson, co-founder of Monkey C Media, offers professional photography and videography services. He has an eye for detail and a command of lighting that gives him the ability to show his subjects at their very best.  You can count on seeing Chad around South Park on his bicycle with a camera slung over his shoulder. If he has never taken a picture of you, chances are good you have never met him.


Creative Monkey

Julio is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. As the lead designer at Monkey C Media, Julio brings a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that shows in everything he does. With a passion for color and a great eye for layouts, his website designs are engaging, innovative and effective—he knows that each client needs a powerful marketing tool and he meets that need without fail!

Samantha (Sam)

Project Monkey

Samantha (Sam) is our project manager and client liazon. If you call our office you wil likely have the pleasure of speaking with her. Not only does Sam have great ideas, but she has a passion for publishing that shines through in every project she manages. You'll be in good hands with Miss Sam. We are lucky to have her.


Code Monkey

Xavier comes to the U.S. from Paris (yes, the one in France!), and we couldn't be happier he made the trek to San Diego and found his way to us. Not only is he bilingual, he also speaks code! HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, the list goes on. Best of all, he's jumped right into the team, bringing the beautiful work from our design team to life with TLC, and dedication. He's meticulously detailed, and all around good fun to have in the office! An outstanding combination if you ask us. 


Design Monkey

Aleta is a fantastic designer whose creativity and attention to detail are unsurpassed. She is passionate about her designs and it shows!  We're lucky to have her creative eye and experience here at Monkey C Media.


SEO and Social Media Monkey

Nancy came to us from the crazy world of Los Angeles—she's an online media powerhouse whose attention to detail and copywriting skills make her an invaluable part of the Monkey C Media team.  She can craft any headline, get the attention of the search engines and make you look good in print!


Code Monkey too

Gustavo is our heavy lifter and all-around amazing programmer, he troubleshoots any issue and to amazing results.  There is no site he can't build, no mountain he cannot climb!  We are honored to have access to his expertise and professionalism.